Baumann Relaunch 2012


How our holistic executive search approach supports you in filling your open sales and distribution positions.


Our dialog with you starts with understanding your market environment, your market position, and your market image. To this end, we will ask you questions, the answers to which serve as a foundation for us to choose the right personalities for you as a company.

With these questions, we learn how you serve your market in terms of distribution, the unique selling points of your product solutions and services, and what primary capabilities and experiences characterize successful employees in your company.

Based on this knowledge, we work out a search plan and find the best available candidates on the market for your company.

Support to meet your needs / modular project implementation:

We partner with our clients and align the depth of our services to your individual requirements.

Both with our service modules for finding suitable candidates and with regard to interview design, your needs determine how we proceed. This modular approach to structure our services not only guarantees the right approach, but also forms the basis for collegial cooperation between you, the client, and us, working as your partners.

In keeping with the modular structure of our services, our underlying cost structure is also modular, and can be configured to meet each client's needs.