Baumann Relaunch 2012


How we use all methods of making contact as part of our holistic approach to finding the right candidate for your firm.

There isn't a perfect, "one size fits all" path to finding just the right candidate for a new challenge. Rather, what are needed are custom-tailored solutions worked out on the basis of our experience and the requirements of the position to be filled.

We enable optimal results by combining relevant search methods customized for particular companies and candidates. These include direct approaches as well as the TOMASS WebSearch.

As much as the methods used in our various approaches can vary, they have one major point in common: our target group consists mainly of persons who do not currently wish to be identified as candidates for a new position. These are successful people who do not need to find a new position, but are highly interested in information relevant to their careers. It is this need for information that we take as the starting point for our work, with all search methods. We offer our target group the opportunity to inform themselves of their options for a new step forward in their careers quickly, simply, and discreetly.

In conjunction with a customer-specific interview design, our consultants ensure that domestic and international positions in your company are filled with the right candidates.