Baumann Relaunch 2012

Services for clients

We offer convincing added value for our clients and interested companies:

A wealth of experience

We have worked successfully for more than 25 years with both small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and with complex corporate structures. In this time, we have gained well-founded knowledge and broad experience in a wide variety of sectors and markets. This great expertise and our solid network of personalities at every corporate level permits us to find long-term solutions for our clients' hiring needs.

Our company's reputation for competence also guarantees success in discreetly filling open positions.

Successfully filled positions

Below you will find a small selection of the projects we have successfully completed in recent months:

  • Director IT (m/w), SME, Saarland
  • Quality Director (m/w), corporate subsidiary, Eastern Germany
  • Division Head (m/w), SME corporate group
  • Managing Director Japan (m/w), owner-managed SME
  • Export Manager, Eastern Europe (m/w), conglomerate
  • Head of Tax (m/w), American corporate subsidiary, Rhine-Main region
  • Director R&D (m/w), international SME, Switzerland
  • Director of Industrial Engineering (m/w), German joint stock company
  • Key Account Manager (m/w), leading global corporation
  • Sales Engineers (m/w), leading global corporation
  • R&D Project Manager (m/w), start-up company, Black Forest region

Performance and individual support

In our view, performance is the most important aspect of providing a service. For this reason, our own organizational model is that of a performance-based partnership. The resulting high degree of internal motivation ensures that each of our partners is fully dedicated to servicing his or her clients, and is available to field questions at any time. This individual support guarantees the fastest possible exchange of information, and is the cornerstone for a successful project.

Short project duration

Every search project involves an individual and complex project process. To ensure top quality, this process must be managed in an efficient, targeted manner. We offer our clients a solution tailored precisely to the requirements of the position to be filled, combined with excellent service covering everything from the generation of an individual profile of requirements to the successful integration of the new employee into the company. With our tried and tested project management system, we have managed to square the circle of short search project duration and finding the right candidates for the long term.

Fully developed systematic expertise


Delivering the best results requires comprehensive skills and abilities. Accordingly, our researchers develop their know-how as they would a trade. Their broad training and ongoing further development has always been a top priority of ours. Up to date knowledge of various industries and information about the current management of the companies involved are only a few of the areas in which our employees are well versed.

Comprehensive database

Our database is the product of many years of information-gathering from our group’s diverse search methods.
As a result, thousands of new contacts are generated every year, chosen by industry sector.

External information network

Knowing more than others at an early stage can often be the critical difference.
Through carefully cultivating relationships with selected personalities, we are able to generate information about current industry trends, mergers, restructurings, and changes in management. This requires absolute integrity and discretion on our part.

Web search

At first glance, the World Wide Web offers an unmanageable quantity of information.
For years, we have worked to evaluate the contents of these sources and analyse them for their potential benefit for our clients.
In every project, our clients benefit from our ability to turn quantity into the necessary quality.


Selecting top personalities requires years of experience combined with a high degree of discretion and social competence
We have an interview concept that is individually designed in cooperation with our client to meet the needs of the position to be filled. This supplies the basis for a well-founded assessment.
The result is a comprehensive and holistic picture of the candidate, generated over the course of the joint interview process.


Transparency in our fee model

The suggested fee model for our projects is not based on the annual income of the candidate sought, but instead is based entirely on the amount of time required to successfully complete a project. This is precisely calculated from the beginning, capped at a maximum amount, and invoiced monthly on a pro rata basis. The services we render can thus be easily monitored at all times. We can of course also reach individualized agreements with our clients.

Transparent project implementation

Providing our clients with easy to understand results of a complex project is a matter of course for us. This helps us and our clients to get a well-founded overview of the current market situation for better interpretation.

We live by and believe in our credo: the transparent provision of services creates trust, and makes the difference.