Baumann Relaunch 2012

About us

We are an established and successful executive search firm bundling cross-industry method and consulting expertise gained in over 25 years of personnel consulting experience.

This comprehensive know-how guarantees that you, our client, will receive our expert advice in filling national and international vacancies.

Our name, TOMASS, stands for:

TOp MAnagement

For us, that means not only finding suitable candidates for CEO and executive positions, but supporting you as a client in your search for top personalities for both management and specialist roles. "Manager" is understood here to mean employees at all levels of the corporate hierarchy with personnel management responsibilities. The category of "specialists" includes such employees as engineers, sales staff, project managers, controllers, purchasing staff, or other specialists without personnel management responsibility.


Sector-specific know-how and the expert use of our comprehensive search methods enable us to generated up-to-the-minute information and results.  


A well-founded decision requires a comprehensive picture of the candidate.
We achieve this outcome through our client-specific interview design, which we shape individually in cooperation with our client, taking into account the requirements of the position to be filled.


Stands for transparent service provision.

As a client, you will always be kept informed of our fee structure and the course of the project, and can clearly identify exactly what services we provide to you.
We know for a fact: transparency breeds trust.